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California man faces drug charges following home raid

When people face accusations of a crime from law enforcement officers, they may be unsure of their options. Often, even when they are advised of their right to remain silent, they may feel as if they should talk with police officers. Having an experienced criminal defense attorney by their side during questioning can give those facing such a situation confidence in the decisions that they make. However, it is unclear if a California man who faces multiple drug charges had professional guidance when police interviewed him.

California doctor faces drug charges re overdoses

When a violent crime happens, police may be in a rush to show that they are making progress toward holding someone accountable. Unfortunately, this could mean that a person who was not involved with the crime faces scrutiny. In fact, a doctor who owns an urgent care in California now faces drug charges after others committed crimes.

Drug charges: California doctor accused of illegal dispensation

Over the course of the last year, a great deal of attention has been placed on opioid addiction, such as to Oxycodone. As such, law enforcement officials in California and across the country may be eager to show that they are being tough on those who they say are involved in illegal drug activity. In fact, a doctor now faces drug charges.

California high school track, football coach faces drug charges

In theory, anyone who is charged or suspected of a crime in the United States is treated equally as they navigate through the justice system. Unfortunately, those with certain occupations could face additional scrutiny in the aftermath of charges coming to light. For example, when an educator faces accusations of a crime, it is not unusual for the story of their arrest to make front page news. In fact, the arrest former high school coach on drug charges in California has received a significant amount of media coverage.

Man faces drug charges after California traffic stop

Most people in the United States have a general awareness that they have certain rights when it comes to interactions with law enforcement officials. Even though a general statement regarding a person's right to remain silent is provided when a person is taken into custody, there are other rights that those suspected of a crime has, such as the right to decline a search of their vehicle. Unfortunately, a man in California was recently arrested and faces drug charges following a search of his vehicle.

California man faces drug charges following Marine's death

The unexpected death of a young person who seems to have had a long life to look forward to is always a tragedy. The desire for answers following such a loss is completely understandable. However, in many cases, authorities, surviving loved ones and members of the community want more than just answers; in some cases, they also want someone to blame. In fact, a California man faces drug charges following the death of a Marine.

Federal drug charges filed against 2 men in Florida

Two men who were recently arrested in California are likely focused on their defense options. The fact that they are facing federal drug charges does not make them guilty. They will each be entitled to a fair trial in a federal court. Only if, and when, their guilt is proved beyond a reasonable doubt can convictions take place.

Drug charges in California after resident accused of break-in

Police across the country are tasked with a difficult job. As part of the job responsibilities, they are often asked to respond to concerns that often prove to be unfounded. Unfortunately, a recent report of a suspected break-in has recently resulted in criminal accusations in California, including weapon and drug charges.

California teacher faces drug charges

Most people in California who work as a teacher likely know of the work and dedication it requires to successfully complete the job requirements. Many teachers also struggle financially as much as of their incomes go back into their classrooms. Unfortunately, police believe that one teacher was selling drugs, resulting in her arrest on drug charges.

Basketball player Zach Randolph faces drug charges in California

Many people would argue that it is a volatile time in this country. While some groups are fighting to protect their rights, others claim that there is no violation of the formers' rights requiring protest. As a result, tensions are high. Unfortunately, an incident involving a group of people in a housing project in California -- deemed a "mob" by responding police officers -- has recently led to the arrest of NBA player Zach Randolph. He now faces drug charges.

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