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Feds reverse course on marijuana enforcement

Marijuana laws have grown increasingly unclear, starting with medicinal marijuana in the state and now with the legalization of recreational use in California. As both medicinal and recreational laws have been modified at the state level, marijuana remains a federally controlled substance.

Never consent to a search

You’re pulled over by the police on a routine traffic violation. It all seems so simple, and you know you were speeding. You hand over your license and registration, and the officer asks you nicely, “Do you mind if I take a look inside your vehicle?”

Scientists recommend lowering the BAC threshold

Alcohol-related accidents kill and injure thousands of Americans every year. Many people believe that the problem will solve itself once self-driving cars hit the roads, but that could be years from now. In the meantime, scientists and engineers are working to come up with ideas on how to reduce the number of impaired drivers on the roads.

5 tips for a safer frat party experience

The headlines haven’t always been kind to fraternity houses. And realistically, rightly so. The abuses have been nearly infamous and dangerous to both members and guests of the frat house parties. “10 Arrested in Death of L.S.U. Student After Fraternity Drinking Ritual,” the headline reads. “Second frat member arrested on drug charges,” another reads. “Police investigating at fraternity after death of Fresno State student,” another headline states from a 2018 news story.

Should police be able to track your cellphone without a warrant?

Police tracking is nothing new. Police officers often follow suspects or check on their alibi. On the other hand, searching a suspect’s home or their person requires a court-approved search warrant. However, developing cell phone technology has given law enforcement another route to track individuals.

How will a DUI affect a career in healthcare?

A simple mistake can mean severe repercussions for employees in the healthcare industry. A DUI arrest and conviction could lead to more than just jail time, but also a damaged career. Anyone in the healthcare industry facing DUI charges should contact an experienced criminal defense attorney to mitigate the charges.

Why you should always have an attorney on speed dial

Sarah was on her way home from the mall, when she noticed the police car behind her. She kept checking her rearview mirror for several blocks. Finally, just as she turned off the main road, the patrol car lit up and signaled for her to pull over. The officer started asking Sara questions regarding her purchases—had she paid with cash? Did she have a receipt? Would she mind if he searched her car?

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