Vehicular Manslaughter

Jeffrey Kent is a vehicular manslaughter lawyer and if you have unintentionally killed someone while driving a car in California, it is critical that you work with an expert attorney to ensure that your rights and your freedoms are protected. Many people make the mistake of thinking that if someone died in an accident, it isn’t manslaughter, and the penalties will be minor. Believing this could cost you your freedom and, therefore, we recommend calling (714) 544-0594 to schedule a consultation if you have been in a serious accident.

In order for you to be proven guilty of vehicular manslaughter the prosecutor must prove that you acted in a way that put someone else in danger and that your acts caused the other person to die. In other words, if you were driving in Fullerton and ran a red light, collided with another vehicle and that person died – you would need a vehicular manslaughter lawyer to defend you. However, if you lightly bumped another car and the person died of an unrelated heart attack, the prosecutor would have a more difficult time building a case for your guilt. Our job, regardless of what happened, is to gather enough evidence to create reasonable doubt so that the jury is unlikely to deliver a conviction. If you live in Fullerton or the 92835 area and have been in an accident of this nature, we urge you to schedule a consultation immediately so that we can begin to prepare for your defense.



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